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Crowd Control Barricades in Elk Grove Village, ILFor more than 10 years, Elk Grove Village, IL residents and businesses have relied upon United Rent-A-Fence and our temporary fence solutions for construction, emergency services and special events. Since our launch more than a decade ago, we’ve expanded our products to include an array of security add-ons and ancillary services such as erosion control logs, panel fence and sand bags to be Elk Grove Village’s one-stop rental fence shop.

Construction Fence Rental Service in Elk Grove Village, IL

With a comprehensive product matrix of construction fence rental products and services including silt fence, orange fence, privacy / windscreen, and gates, United Rent-A-Fence is among the leading construction service vendors in Elk Grove Village, IL.  We offer with 6′ and 8′ post-driven chain link fence, 6′ and 8′ panel fence, silt fence, orange fence, and numerous add-ons including windscreen, barbed wire, and a variety of sizes of gates.  With an already demanding schedule, we’re one vendor you can count on to show up on time, prepared, and install your construction fence in a timely fashion.

Elk Grove Village, IL Silt Fence Installer

Sediment flow and erosion is a major concern during construction in Elk Grove Village, IL.  We offer silt fence installation between 5 foot and 8 foot stakes spans and bury the fabric 5-6″ in the ground for a more stable, dependable barrier. Adding silt fence to your construction fence rental is easy, and frees you and your construction crew up to work on demolition and building.

Crowd Control Barricades in Elk Grove Village, IL

Elk Grove Village has a proud tradition of parades, RotaryFest, picnics, and numerous other festivals throughout the calendar year.  Our crowd control barricades and temporary fences work well for short weekend events on up to a season-long event.  From community carnival to 5k or concert, we offer fast set-up and tear-down of interlocking steel crowd control barricades.  Depending on your event needs, we can pair barricades with chain link fence panels, orange fence, and erosion control logs to help preserve the grounds during high traffic events.  Give us a call to discuss your event plans and needs: (630) 543-7990.

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