Silt Fence

United Rent-A-Fence has been in the business of soil conservation for more than a decade. We have installed silt fence in some of the most difficult locations the Midwest has to offer. Our attention to quality and desire to do the job in a cost effective manor has made us the leaders in Chicagoland and beyond. We will continue to strive to be the best installers of silt fence anywhere.

What Is Silt Fence?

You’ve probably seen silt fence used at construction sites, major landscaping jobs, or land preservation/rehabilitation sites.  Silt fence is a temporary barrier made of a woven fabric filter cloth (geotextile) that is used to catch sediment-laden runoff from small areas of disturbed soil to keep soil from getting in streams and homes.

Excellence In Installation

Our silt fence is trenched 6 inches into the ground while 30 inches of the silt fence is above the ground.  Silt fences should be installed on the contour of a slope and should not be installed across drainage ways, swales, gullies, ditches or other areas of concentrated water flow.   Wooden stakes are attached to the silt fence and pounded into the ground at 8 feet on center.

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  • Please note: Our installation radius is 150 miles from our headquarters in Addison, IL; as far north as Kenosha and Madison, WI, west as Iowa City, IA, northeast to Holland, MI, east to South Bend, IN, and south as Springfield, IL. View our service area map on our "company" page.
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