Construction Fence Services

Contractors! Secure your construction site from outside injury, theft, and illegal dumping.  United Rent-A-Fence delivers quality temporary fencing and first class service that fits your budget while customized to your unique needs.

United Rent-A-Fence is the Midwest’s premier provider of temporary fencing solutions to the Construction industry.

Construction Fence Rental

As a leading provider of construction fence rental for Chicago, IL and the greater Chicagoland region, we’re committed to serving our customers—builders, businesses, homeowners—with excellent customer service, quality fencing products, and dependable installation.  We carry an array of construction fence rental products from chain link panel and post-driven fence to silt fence and orange fence.

Construction Fencing

Post-driven chain link fence rental, Chicago IL Construction FenceDepending on local ordinances, remodelers and builders may be required to use different types of temporary fences covering various township concerns.  While some ordinances state chain link fence, the project duration may dictate if we should use chain link panel fence on stands or post-driven chain link.  Longer projects, such as a tear-down and rebuild or “build on your land” new construction project, extending beyond a few months are best served, both from a durability and cost standpoint using post-driven chain link where panel fences are great for framing a new addition or partial tear-out.  Our highly-trained staff can assist you in making the best decision for your construction project.

Silt Fence for Construction

Living in a wetter region, most communities require silt fence installation to help lessen the environmental impact and neighboring property disturbance caused by excavation during larger construction projects.  Unfortunately, with buried lines and vegetation, sometimes silt fence can be tricky to install.  Fortunately, our experienced crews are able to quickly adapt to unique property situations and ensure your silt fence installation is completed properly and meets ordinance.  We can even install silt fence in winter!

Orange Construction Fence

Orange Construction Fence InstallationCalled orange fence, orange tree protection, or snow fence, our orange construction fence is a durable plastic mesh product on driven steel stakes.  We can install orange fence around the perimeter of your project, surround sensitive utility boxes, or simply around vegetation for protection.  Check with your local permitting office to find out what your local ordinances are regarding use of orange fence and construction security fence products.

Temporary Fence Rental Products

Our products can be customized to meet your specific needs. We offer silt fencing, both panel and post-driven fencing, orange fencing for trees, gates of various sizes, windscreen and all the accessories you might need for your project.

Our expert staff will work with you to determine your unique needs and how we can best serve you.

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