Sediment Control Logs

United Rent-A-Fence is your one-stop-shop for property protection and erosion control products and services.  Our sediment control logs help prevent erosion on unpaved slopes such as ditches, dams, creeks, and freshly-graded embankments.

Erosion Control Logs on Pavement

During construction or landscaping poured or paved surfaces may still be susceptible to erosion.  By using erosion control logs, you can reduce the impact of soil erosion.  Place the erosion control logs across the pavement, blocking the flow of run off and sediment.

Drainage Ditch Logs and Irrigation Canal Erosion Control

Sediment Control LogWith the heavy rainfall in the Midwest, drainage ditches and irrigation canals are a common sight, both in the countryside and major suburbs.  With snow melt run off and Spring rainfall pushing sod and other natural barriers to their limit, using drainage ditch logs and erosion blankets are extremely effective way to keep ditches clear and sediment where it belongs.

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