Sometimes overlooked, sandbags provide a critical service in stabilizing temporary fencing.  Without sandbags on the bases of panel fencing—especially when applying windscreen—sections of fencing may be susceptible to tipping in strong gusts of wind.   In high-wind applications we recommend doubling up the sandbags on bases of fence sections in strong wind corridors.

Winter Application of Sandbags

Sandbags are also useful when installing silt fence during the coldest winter months.  When the ground is frozen solid making trenching impossible, placing sandbags on the lower portion of the silt fence helps hold the bottom portion of the fence in place and ready for excavation as the earth thaws.

Emergency Sandbags Available

In the Midwest, we’re gifted with 4 seasons, each with the potential for intense precipitation and winter snowfall.  With much of our service area located in or near flood plains and rivers, we offer emergency sandbags for purchase.  With a stockpile on-hand plus fast-fill ability, we can respond rapidly to severe weather and rising rivers.

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