Crowd Control Barricades

United Rent-A-Fence offers crowd control barricades available in 7 foot lengths by 44 inches tall that are made of steel.  They are perfect for crowd control at any venue such as concerts, carnivals, volleyball tournaments, Black Friday events and much more.  Crowd control barricades can be installed indoors or outdoors and are lightweight and free standing.  Each section can interlock together easily to prevent a break in the line. Our crowd control barricades are very affordable, practical, and effective for crowd control, perimeter control and area delineation.

Crowd Control Barriers for Sporting Events

Race Barriers - Crowd Control BarriersNo longer are sporting event organizers and promoters focused solely on the athletes and competition, but must consider the safety of cheering fans and passers-by as well.  Using steel crowd control barriers for sporting events provides exceptional spectator protection and quick installation and mobility.  By interlocking the 7′ barricades end-to-end you create a barrier that’s difficult for spectators to accidentally (or intentionally) break the line.

Beyond creating a safer spectator space, the 7′ by 44″ barrier offers new sponsorship and advertising space for additional event revenue.  Any signs or banners attached to our temporary barricades must be attached in a non-destructive, easily removable fashion and should be removed prior to pick up post-event.

Steel Barricades For Spectator Safety

Interlocking steel barricades have been used as spectator crowd control since the mid-1950’s, bearing the names crowd control barriers, crowd control barricades, French barriers, mills barrier, and even bike rack.  Made of 16 gauge tubular steel, our metal barricades are extremely durable, preventing deformation or failure under normal use. The spacing between rungs allow shorter spectators the ability to see through the barricade without passing through.

Crowd Control Barricades

Event attender and participant safety is a real concern for promoters and event planners.  By planning crowd control routes and installing the right crowd control barricades, event organizers can breathe easy knowing they’ve taken the single most important steps towards creating a safe and inviting venue for both participants and fans.  Steel barricades may be used to prevent fans from participant area access, provide clear passage for athletes or performers, or act as perimeters for special zones such as smoking area or autograph signing area.  Regardless of the application, our steel barricades make event security and and crowd control a snap.

Special Event Barricades

crowd-control-barricades-chicago-ilWe’ve installed temporary fences and crowd control barricades for a wide variety of special events, from parades to winter snow parks, community gatherings to county fairs.  Our crowd control barricades are easy to set up for special events ranging from a single day to more than a month.

Deciding between Plastic Barricades and Steel Crowd Control Barricades?

It’s a common misconception that a plastic barricade would be lighter and easier to maneuver than steel barricades.  Most plastic barricades are more cumbersome to carry and take up more space when not in use.   A common complaint of plastic barricades is the increased effort to set up.  Depending on design, many plastic barricades require sandbags or stakes to remain upright and in place.  The steel crowd control barriers we offer for rent have two base types: flat and arched, and do not require additional equipment to remain upright and safe.

Provide Greater Safety and Security Over Stanchions

While not as portable as stanchions, steel barricades offer greatly improved safety and durability over rope and retracting stanchions.  The latter may be more appropriate for an indoor event or creating a perimeter for a line, however will be largely ineffective in an outdoor or larger venue, with hundreds or thousands of guests and passers-by.  Consider the location, audience size and perimeter purpose to determine if your need includes durability, stability, or simply mark a route for guests to follow.

Rent Crowd Control Barriers

As the Midwest’s preferred supplier and installer of temporary crowd control barriers, we’re happy to provide you with a free quote on your next event.  To request a quote you can either call us at (630) 543-7990 or fill out our Request A Quote form and a representative will be in contact with you shortly.

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