Sandbags for Flooding

With a service area covering Chicagoland, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana, a large portion of our service area runs the risk of flooding from rising rivers and streams from strong storms.  To help customers prevent catastrophic loss, we offer sandbags for flood prevention.  We always have a strong supply on-hand and sand bag filling equipment on-site to rapidly respond to surges in demand.

Where to Put Sandbags For Flooding

Is your home or business located in a low-lying area near a river or stream prone to flooding during strong storms? Stacking sandbags around entryways such as doorways, basement window wells, and crawl space entries can help mitigate water damage and keep your sump pump from being overloaded. If you know your property is susceptible to flooding, before a storm strikes, take a survey of your property and note all possible entry points, what areas are most likely to flood first/see highest water levels, and estimate the number of sandbags required to protect your investment.

How To Order Sandbags For Flooding

If you know you’re going to need sandbags ahead of time, feel free to fill out a quote request form on this page, otherwise call our office at (630) 543-7990 to receive immediate service.

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  • Please note: Our installation radius is 150 miles from our headquarters in Addison, IL; as far north as Kenosha and Madison, WI, west as Iowa City, IA, northeast to Holland, MI, east to South Bend, IN, and south as Springfield, IL. View our service area map on our "company" page.
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