Frequently Asked Questions

Our Rent-A-Fence firm helps everyone from the smallest of promoters to the contractor who needs to rent a fence for each of their respective job sites. Giving you the choice between in-ground and panel fencing helps us to make certain that we have a solution for you. Let us see how we can help your temporary fencing needs by contacting us at 877-861-1440.

What happens if at the end of our rental period, we still need the fencing to stay at our site?

United Rent-A-Fence will send a rental extension notice approximately 1 – 2 weeks before the customer’s rental expiration date. At that time, the customer may elect to have the fencing picked up or the customer must let United Rent-A-Fence know much longer they need the fencing for. A rental extension fee will apply & customer will be notified at that time.

What needs to be done at a job site before a United Rent-A-Fence crew can come out to install the fencing?

The area in which we have to install the temporary fence or silt fence MUST be clear of debris. At least a 4 foot pathway needs to be clear of debris, bushes, branches, tall grass, etc. Any debris removal performed by United Rent-A-Fence will incur an extra service fee billed to the customer.

I have a J.U.L.I.E. or DIGGER number, can United Rent-A-Fence use my number so I can start the project right away?

No. United Rent-A-Fence MUST always obtain their own J.U.L.I.E. or DIGGER number. Therefore, customers should prepare to wait a minimum of 48 hours before United Rent-A-Fence can install any post-driven chain link fence, gates, orange tree protection, or silt fence.

What are the difference between post-driven chain link fence and panel fence with stands?

The main difference is that with post-driven chain link fence the posts are pounded 2 feet into the ground. With panel fences, the panels sit on stands on top of the ground, so nothing goes into the ground. Another difference is post-driven fences are more of a permanent fixture at your jobsite or event, so you can’t easily move them or modify its position once it’s installed. Panel fencing, on the other hand, are easily moveable. You can reconfigure the fencing anytime you want to. Also, while post-driven fences do not require sandbags, panel fencing usually does. We would recommend at least one sandbag on every other stand or on every stand. If you are requesting windscreen on the panels, we would strongly recommend at least two sandbags on each stand, if not more. A final difference would be that post-driven would require a gate to be installed in order to enter and exit your property or event, while with panels you can create your own gate with the panels anywhere you want to. Every panel can work as a gate.

During the winter, the ground becomes frozen, can United Rent-A-Fence still install silt fence?

It depends, each install is monitored on a case-by-case basis. If our trenching machines cannot cut into the frozen ground , an alternate option could be to core drill holes into the frozen ground in order to install the wooden stakes into the ground. In addition, we would lay sandbags down on the silt fence that would’ve been trenched into the ground. Sandbags would be placed approximately every 3 feet to keep soil from running under the silt fence to help prevent soil from running under the silt fence. Extra charges would apply to core drill and for each sandbag installed. Please check with your local village in order to have this alternative method approved.​

What size of panel fence does United Rent-A-Fence have available?

We carry either 6 foot tall by 12 feet wide panels or 8 foot tall by 10 feet wide panels. The most commonly used size is the 6×12 panel fence.

What size do you carry for post-driven chain link fence?

We carry either 6 foot tall or 8 foot tall. The most commonly used size is 6 foot tall chain link. Only a few villages require 8 foot tall chain link. Please check your local village for the correct height.

What size are your crown control barricades?

They are 44” tall by 7’ wide. They all have bridge feet.

Is windscreen required on temporary fence?

Only in the City of Chicago. In other towns outside of Chicago, it is mostly used for aesthetics.

How long can I rent a fence from United Rent-A-Fence?

Depending on your needs. You can rent it for as little as 1 day to more than 1 year and anything in between. The rental period can be as custom of a rental period as you need it to be.

What is the maximum distance that United Rent-A-Fence will travel for a fence rental?

Up to about 150 miles from our home office in Addison, IL. It is over that, please call us to help better assist you with your needs.

What else does United Rent-A-Fence offer besides post-driven chain link fence, panel fence, silt fence, and crowd control barricades?

We offer barbed wire, top rail for more stability for a post-driven fence, tension wire, orange tree protection, and of course, outstanding service.

My lot is 8,000 square feet, how much fencing do I need?

Square footage of a lot does us no good unfortunately. We need to know the perimeter measurement of your lot. A simple lot size dimension of 50’x125’ is enough for us to figure out that the linear footage you need is 350 linear feet for the perimeter.

How much does United Rent-A-Fence charge to rent a fence?

United Rent-A-Fence charges by the linear foot. The price depends on how long you will rent the fence, how many linear feet you will need, and the location of where the fence is going.

Does United Rent-A-Fence carry insurance?

Yes. We carry Worker’s Compensation, General Liability, and Automobile Insurance. Please ask one of our sales representatives for a certificate of insurance when you book your next job with us.

Is United Rent-A-Fence union?

No. We are an open shop. We do pay prevailing wages whenever applicable.