chain link fence for construction site

We’ve all heard horror stories when you hire the wrong company or individual for a job: Delays, unanswered calls, unfinished work, sub-par workmanship, the list goes on and on. When hiring a new employee, it’s expected that you will check references and/or conduct a background check, but how about a subcontractor? Something as simple as a temporary fence will be a different story, right?  You’d hope so, but sometimes that isn’t the case.

Dependable Fence Installer

As a general contractor or project manager, you keep a tight schedule to keep your project on track.  When one subcontractor misses a deadline it can create project slippage.  With a temporary fence typically going up prior to any excavation or demolition, so a delay with an early task can impact the entire project timeline.

A dependable temporary fence installer will commit to delivering and installing the temporary fence at the agreed upon time, which helps you keep your project on schedule.

Accurate Quotes

How many times have you hired a company for a task and had the final bill balloon from the discussed price?  Whether it’s a plumbing leak or repairing your car, we’ve all experienced a change order that we weren’t prepared for.  Now, this isn’t to say that this can’t happen, or prices shouldn’t fluctuate, but communication is key.

A reputable company will an accurate quote and notify you of any potential up-charges, whether it’s dealing with obstructions in the install area or supplying necessary add-ons to complete the job such as additional material due to re-routing fencing around trees or foliage, or in the case of panel fence, additional sand bags.

Service-First Approach

As with any business, it’s important to choose a fence rental company who delivers on promises, is available for questions and requests, and can execute a range of services from security, to orange tree protection, to erosion control silt fence.

At United Rent-A-Fence, we realize you have choices when selecting temporary fence providers, and we work hard to earn your business.  We take pride in our installs and deliver excellence in customer service in each interaction, be it silt fence installation, panel fence or a crowd control barricades.

If your home, job site or organization needs temporary fence for a project or event, please give us a call or fill out a request for estimate for prompt service.

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