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In many communities temporary fences are required for a variety of industries; from construction to utility work, to special events.  Different fences for difference purposes, and sometimes different types of fences for the same purposes from one town to the next.  What should be such a simple task might end up a cumbersome task for even the most prepared organizer.  A “rental fence” isn’t always as simple as a “rental fence,” and having an expert in your corner is suddenly more important than ever.

For the Job Site

Depending on the community, you might be able to get away with orange fence or silt fence on the job site perimeter, but if you’re looking at fence rental in Chicago, IL, you need chain link with windscreen at a minimum.  Finding a temporary fence company that knows the ins-and-outs of your service area and can deliver a comprehensive solution can turn an afternoon of research, phone calls and coordination to a single phone call.

Look for a provider who can deliver and install the complete solution in a single visit, including sediment control, vegetation and orange tree protection, security, gates, and privacy screens.  At United Rent-A-Fence, our goal is to be a complete temporary fence solution provider, outfitting our trucks with the right gear to complete an install from end-to-end.  We want to get our fence products installed quickly so you can get to work right away.

In A Pinch – Emergency Response

A downed power line, broken main, or leaking gas line requires quick response to protect the public and restore service to nearby homes and businesses.  In an emergency it’s important you can count on a reliable fence rental company to respond quickly and set up a perimeter around the affected area to protect the public and workers alike.  We’re proud to offer 24/7/365 emergency fencing for our entire service area.  One phone call and our crews are packing up the trucks and heading out.

When It’s Time To Celebrate

During the Summer months, the Midwest comes alive with carnivals, festivals, parades, and races.  Two things these events have in common: barricades and fences.  Recently we discussed different uses for fences and barricades, but what about when you can’t decide what barrier will work best?  This is where calling on a trusted partner in the fencing business becomes invaluable.  Experts in the business will be able to help you map out appropriate perimeters, determine what fence products to use where, and render a fast and reasonable quote for the job.  Of course, a big, public event such as a race or holiday parade can’t be delayed or rescheduled, so it’s imperative the fence is delivered and installed on time.

Of Course Service Matters!

What each of the above situations bears in common is the fact that beyond delivering product, the level of care and service provided the customer is what makes a good rental fence company stand out from the competition.  We don’t just believe in getting the job done, we’re committed to doing the job well.  Our team is proud to serve Chicagoland, Milwaukee, and NW Indiana with integrity.  In need of a temporary fence?  Call us or fill out our online quote request form to receive a fast quote and among the best service in the industry.

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  1. Good to know that their is a rental fence contractor in the area, rental fence is very useful specially in an event like carnaval. So for quick protection and security choose a good rental fence contractor.

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