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Successful events don’t just happen. They require a lot of planning, not only for crowd control, but also for security and to define specific activity zones. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a rock concert, a petting zoo or a bicycle race, there are myriad decisions to make.

Part of the planning process should lead you to a consideration of temporary fencing and appropriate barricades. How do you determine what your needs are? You ask the advice of a pro, that’s how! But here is a basic primer on the types of short-term site aids that exist:

Steel Crowd Control Barricades

These are the familiar, footed, movable barricades in Chicago that separate participants from spectators at events that like marathons, motorcycle races and holiday parades. They are not the only temporary barricades for nationwide events, but they are among the most versatile and cost-effective. Our steel barricades are 44 inches high and seven feet in length. They are strong, but are still easily placed and movable when necessary to allow access to an area, or to reroute traffic and crowds on demand. They are also suitable for use in emergency situations and at construction sites.

Perfect for outdoor events in all weather situations, the options include flat or arched bases, and they offer great flexibility. While stanchions with rope or chain might be adequate for interior use, our steel barricades give much better control outside, and also give event planners the option of hanging advertising or informational banners along a route.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is available to suit varied needs, from short to longer-term. Available in both six and eight-foot heights, it is versatile and effective for a wide variety of events.

  • Post-driven chain link is not cemented into the ground, but because the anchor posts are driven at least two feet deep, they are not prone to effects of erosion or impact. This type of semi-permanent fencing is perfect for events of longer duration — including county fairs, Renaissance festivals, recurring summer programs and seasonal markets.
  • Chain link panels are also available in both heights, and are widely chosen for municipal events, concerts, community fairs and festivals and for events that require a secure enclosure for a relatively short period of time. Panels are held upright by metal stands and secured by bolts and clamps; There is no damage to ground surface, and the panels are quickly set up and removed.

Orange Fence

This bright plastic mesh can be a visual aid to traffic, keep animals away from a site, or protect property beyond the boundaries of an event. It is durable, distinctive and budget-friendly if dollars are a major concern.

Whether you need Chicago crowd control barricades, or are planning an event elsewhere in the Upper Midwest, United Rent-A-Fence is your go-to source for expert advice. We will help you plan your temporary fencing configuration, figure the number of panels or barricades required, present you a prompt price quote, and assure delivery and pickup at your event site according to your schedule. When you plan temporary fencing in conjunction with other event-planning requirements, you can look forward to a safe and successful event. Contact us so we can be a part of that success.

2 thoughts on “Event Planning: Choosing The Right Fence For The Job”

  1. I really like chain link fences. However, I do understand that it really all just depends on the job you are going with. I really like that you described the kinds of instances that would require certain types of fences. Do you have any other tips about getting a fence for a temporary job or activity?

  2. I hadn’t ever really thought about the necessity of renting a fence for large events or really any temporary construction, marathon or parade. There are so many different options to choose from, and I think it’s important to plan ahead and make sure to get good quality as well as service to make everything run as smoothly as possible. As you mentioned, successful events require a lot of planning. Thanks for sharing! I will be sure to keep this information in mind for the next time I need to rent a temporary fence!

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