Fences make good neighbors. While that is certainly an oversimplification, it’s true. Fences define boundaries, set limits and protect property. Temporary fencing is a boon for construction professionals. It’s a way to be a good neighbor, and it will save you money in at least three ways.

Property Protection

By defining the site itself, and setting clear and visible boundaries, temporary construction site fencing keeps strangers away, lessens the chance of injury to onlookers and bystanders, and limits the possibility that your assets — building materials, supplies and tools — can be misplaced, lost or stolen.

Construction fence rental is a minor project expenditure balanced against the losses you might suffer without it. It can help you maintain a tight schedule, and keep a check on project expenses.

Insurance Benefit

By installing the appropriate type of construction fence, Chicago contractors ensure that the site and property are protected from trespassers, that only authorized workers and visitors are on site, and that all precautions have been taken for safety and security.

Those moves, in themselves, may qualify you for lower insurance rates. The routine and regular use of construction fencing may lead to reduced premiums on liability insurance, and it is certainly a way to demonstrate compliance with the rules for designating hazardous work areas and limited access sites.

Check with your insurers and with government regulators to see if there are direct financial benefits you can claim.

Compliance with Regulations

Not all regulations are the same, but many municipalities and regulatory agencies require temporary fencing. Whether yours is a small job in a residential neighborhood or a large commercial project in the urban core, it is incumbent on you to know the rules, and to act accordingly. There are a number of good reasons to require temporary construction fencing, including litter control.

When a fence is required by ordinance or tradition, you don’t want to be in the position of “fighting city hall.” Don’t risk the fines, extra fees, possible work stoppage and public liability that can result from non-compliance.

Having a construction fence demonstrates that you believe in being a good neighbor. In the Chicago area, a premier construction fence rental company can serve all your needs, and meet your demands for temporary fencing in the immediate area and in surrounding states. We supply all types of temporary fencing and screening, and pride ourselves on our ability to respond to all your needs on a timely basis.

Contact us for a quote, whether you need a bit of chain link, orange fence or silt fence protection, or long-term security at a major building site. We’re ready to help you meet your needs.


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  1. Using a temporary fence to set clear and visible boundaries is a great idea. Defining the area also helps passersby who are unfamiliar with the area keep from accidentally stumbling through a construction site. Having a temporary fence could also help construction workers keep focused.

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