Rent a Fence Windscreen

If you’ve been in Chicagoland for more than a week or two you probably know how unpredictable our weather is, and how quickly it can take a turn — usually for the worse. As we all realize, there’s a reason it’s called “the Windy City.”

So, to answer our own question: Yes, windscreen is good for shielding a site from the worst of the wind, but it’s actually good for a lot more.

On a construction job, wind can be a problem. A bit of screening can create a better working environment, protect sensitive materials and equipment, and help workers continue to work, even when conditions are difficult. Those are all important considerations. In conjunction with a temporary fence used for security purposes, the addition of windscreen can create a bit of negative pressure to reduce wind pressure at ground level. It won’t turn an extremely blustery day into a calm one, of course, but on some of “those days” in Chicago and throughout the Midwest, every little bit helps!

We can add solid, durable windscreen to any panel or post-driven chain link temporary fence. We’d be happy to quote a price. Just ask.

But, windscreen isn’t only to keep the winds from blowing.

Think “Outside the Fence”

There are other reasons for wanting to shield a site.

Privacy may be important to protect a “big splash” opening or gala. A new storefront tenant or gallery might want to shield a space from prying eyes. Sometimes, as they say, “timing is everything,” and a fence will help keep a secret until the unveiling. It helps create interest, build suspense and keep a special event special.

Also, if you wear a “marketing hat,” windscreen can be a way to expand your promotional efforts. Think of the ways you could incorporate a logo-bearing banner into a temporary fence installation. At a large construction project, weaving in historical images or drawings of the completed project are perfect ways to attract public attention, gain support and generate interest. People love to be a part of progress.

As one of the leading temporary fence rental companies in Chicago and neighboring states, we have built our reputation on meeting the construction-related needs of our clients.

But we are also equipped to supply fencing for outdoor concerts, local fairs and festivals, benefit runs and races, and a myriad of other events. We work with clients to display promotional logos, sponsorship banners, directional signs or other pertinent information as a part of the temporary fence installation.

We will be happy to work with you, no matter what your needs are for any form of screening. Be sure to call us when you need temporary fencing.


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