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Fences do more than corral animals and keep people out. There are all kinds of fences, as you probably know, from flimsy tape barriers to sturdy tall walls.

There is also fencing that performs important jobs — think orange snow fence and highway barricades. Silt fencing falls into that “important job” category, and it can be vital from an environmental protection standpoint any time of the year. In the Windy City and surrounding region, blocking runoff and preventing erosion from rain and snow can be an especially critical task in areas that are susceptible to damaging erosion.

When Is a Silt Fence Needed?

At construction sites in most areas, current regulations call for retaining soil on disturbed land until the disruption is complete to the point that revegetation and surface stabilization can begin. That generally means that, no matter what the season or the current weather conditions, some sort of silt fencing will be required, no matter if you are building a new shed on your own property or a commercial building downtown. The powers that be are just as concerned about mud and debris on public roadways and in storm sewers as your neighbors might be if your soil migrates into their vegetable garden.

Although some communities make use of silt fencing and sediment dams optional, and others have varying restrictions, United Rent-A-Fence is your go-to resource for all silt fencing needs. You may know us only as the temporary supplier of chain link fencing, but we have a wide array of specialty fence options to meet all your enclosure and crowd control requirements as well.

A Quick Course in Silt Fencing

The placement of required silt fencing is a critical requirement for containment success. Our staff has the required knowledge and expertise to help you plan the layout, length and installation of your silt fencing and drainage aids in order to assure maximum effectiveness and compliance.

For large and ongoing projects, we can assist you in planning sediment storage areas, and we are experienced at designing sediment dams in order to eliminate undesirable longer runs of silt fence.

Standard silt fence employs a woven geotextile in combination with chain link fencing in order to provide a barrier; we dig the fencing in six inches below ground surface to create a strong barrier, allowing 30 inches to remain above ground. That provides a strong and generally impenetrable barrier runoff.

In addition, we supply sediment control logs for use on graded embankments and sloping ditches. The flexible logs can also be placed across paved surfaces on a temporary basis.

For all your erosion control and construction silt fencing needs, be sure to call the premier temporary fencing company in the Chicago area. We’ll help you keep your site clean, as well as keeping your neighbors and job site inspectors happy! Fill out a quote request or give us a call to schedule an install!

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