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As we roll into the fall and fall events draw near, it’s easy to overlook some of the most effective ways to promote your event within your community.  From tying up loose ends with vendors and signing contracts to designing and printing event signage, getting the word out on as many channels as possible can often become the “one more thing” that comes to mind at 11:30PM on a Tuesday.  It’s for those event heroes who throw incredible events that we put together a nice little list of “where and how” to spread the word leading up to your fall festival or event.

Local Guides Are A Go

With more and more of our population relying heavily on technology, it’s no wonder we see a swift adoption of online guides for our entertainment searches.  Selecting one or many outlets to publicize your event can provide you with greater reach than your own online endeavors to promote.  Spending $200 on a handful of authority guides versus $200 on advertising on Social Media can net a substantially greater viewership and response.

Pro tip: make sure you publish complete information such as consistent event titling (same as they will see on-site), date, location, and costs.  If possible, enable online ticketing through one of the guide sites, which may also waive the event publication fee.

Email’s Not Dead

Setting up an email list from past attendees, or if it’s a new event (or open to the public), consider a rented email list from a trusted vendor.  From there you can segment by geography, interest, household income, career, and more.  Keep your title snappy and specific, ” Bring The Kids To Elgin’s Biggest Corn Maze”, for example.  For rented lists, set your expectations conservatively at 10% open rate, and if you get above 15%, you’re crushing it.

Well-Planned Online Ads

When you think “PPC” the common thoughts which come to mind are “expensive” and “a crutch”, right?  Consider this: ad retargeting clicks can drop below 10¢ per click, and have tens to hundreds of thousands of impressions!  The catch, of course, is how compelling are your photos or graphics, and where are you leading that click.  Remember to point them to a landing page set up for the campaign with consistent message and imagery so your user isn’t confused about the destination.

We hope these tips can help you close the gap on event attendance while keeping a close eye on your marketing budget.  And of course, if you need a reliable and affordable partner for your event fence rental, give United Rent-A-Fence a call!

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