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As anyone in the broad field of construction will testify, three prime concerns at any building site are safety, security and efficiency. Proper use of fencing, screening and barricade options not only minimizes hazards and protects property, but also boosts efficiency, minimizes disruption, and helps to control and direct traffic to and from the site.

Protecting expensive equipment from vandalism and guarding against theft are equally vital concerns at urban building sites. What the retail industry typically terms “shrinkage,” the dual problems of theft and vandalism alongside liability insurance for job site injury are a major financial burden for the building trades. Temporary construction fence options, combined with other security measures, help mitigate concern.

Types of Fencing Options

  • Perimeter (semi-permanent) Fencing: In urban settings, or for large residential, commercial and industrial projects, complete perimeter fencing is often mandated.
  • Specific Hazard or Safety Zone Designation
  • Temporary Barricades
  • Security Zone Fencing
  • Silt Fence

A comprehensive plan for construction fencing might include each type at some point during a project. Whether your need is to keep the jobsite “gawker-free,” to keep animals away, protect a tree line or landscaped area, to designate a no-disturb zone, or to provide security for tools and supplies, our trained and experienced staff at United Rent-a-Fence will help design the best solutions for your particular needs.

Meeting All Needs

In addition, our construction fence rental options include windscreen and snow fencing, freestanding panels as well as post-driven installations in different heights. We serve the entire Chicago area and surrounding communities, up to a distance of 150 miles, and are available 24 hours a day for emergency service.

Construction fence requirements may be mandated by regulatory authorities or prescribed by “good sense” considerations, but whatever your specific circumstances, we stand ready to help you design a solution.

Construction footprint management is of vital concern to environmentalists, municipal authorities, regulatory agencies and responsible contractors. The industry has responded to public concern with a range of new options to eliminate waste, control debris, eliminate pollution, minimize danger and manage materials. As has been said in the past, strong fences make the best neighbors. In terms of today’s construction requirements, it is especially true.

In addition, United can serve all your needs for special event fencing and crowd control, so when you’re ready for that grand opening, we’ll help you out. Contact us to discuss your needs.


6 thoughts on “Construction Site Security 101”

  1. People are naturally curious about construction projects. However, many people don’t realize how dangerous construction zones can be. You make a good point about how the proper construction fencing can also be vital for efficiency control factors. My dad said that dogs were notorious about getting into wet concrete. Keeping pests out of a site can help ensure that you don’t need to redo work.

  2. I always see temporary chain link fences around construction sites, but I’ve never seen any other time. I’ve always wondered how secure they are and how many problems they prevent. I’m sure that would be hard data to find though. Thanks for the info!

  3. You never really think about providing good security for construction sites like this. I would imagine that it would be a wise investment to make since it can help keep whatever is being built safe from vandalism. I’m grateful for these methods and all that they do for people.

  4. I’m planning to start some major renovations to my house soon and I’m a little worried about the possible dangers that could affect my neighbors. There are a lot of children in my area and I wouldn’t want harm to come to them. It sounds like getting perimeter fencing might be a good option for me.

  5. Good post! I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it. Thanks for writing this!

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