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Everyone knows that winter can be beautiful. There’s a special quality about snow, ice and freezing temperatures that residents of our area learn to appreciate, if not to love. But for anyone in building trades and the construction industry, it’s also evident that when spring thaws come, it’s not fun to deal with the resulting runoff and erosion. In fact, it’s downright messy, time consuming and expensive.

So why not handle it in advance? Actually, there’s a need for erosion control even during the mildest of winters. Our high winds blow topsoil away, and even light snowfall can have a damaging effect, breaking down soil, disturbing mulch, and putting existing landscaping at risk. Why risk it?

If you think about the need for silt fence before winter begins, you’ll eliminate some of the worry, channel your efforts in constructive ways, and control costs. You can pretty much relax as the temperatures begin to rise again. That’s the smart way to get through a Chicago winter. If you didn’t do it this year, think about it for the future.

Temporary Silt Fence

Some communities mandate silt fencing and sediment dams; others make it optional. Effective, temporary erosion control, however, forms a barrier that prevents soil runoff from polluting local lakes and streams or washing onto undisturbed land. Barriers also eliminate muddy runoff on streets and roadways that might create safety hazards or clog storm sewers.

There are various types of silt fence, but we recommend and install a durable woven fabric filter cloth product  that extends six inches below grade, with a remaining 30 inches above the surface. We secure the silt fence with wooden stakes, and will even use sandbags as necessary to add strength.

Erosion Control Products

We’ve been helping contractors, landscapers and preservation groups deal with soil conservation for more than a decade. During that time we have learned that it is far easier to prevent soil erosion than to repair the damage. We’ll help you plan for winter by installing silt fence and sediment control logs in the best locations. In case you’re wondering, we can install at your site even if there’s snow on the ground. The installation might be a bit more difficult, but it can still eliminate major headaches come spring.

Our trucks roll all winter to help out — we service communities within a 200-mile radius, so don’t hesitate to tell us about your needs. In the most severe weather, we use sandbags as supplemental stabilization for our silt fencing. There’s an additional fee, but it might actually save you money by preventing the spring runoff.

Do you need more information? Just call. And remember to stay warm and safe this winter!

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  1. You wrote that after winter, erosion can be quite messy, time consuming, and expensive. I had heard that erosion could be quite damaging, and was wanted to learn more about it. If you could take steps to prevent it before winter really sets in, perhaps you could save yourself from having to dedicate all that time and resources later in spring. Thanks for the read.

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