Temporary Dog Fence - Temporary Animal Enclosure

You might not want to fence them in, but there are times when domestic pets and other animals cannot be allowed to roam free. Creating safe enclosures for animals is not only thoughtful, but necessary for the health, comfort and safety of animals and humans alike.

It doesn’t have to be permanent.

When it comes to temporary enclosures,  we “wrote the book” on how to do it right in Chicagoland— particularly across the north suburbs. While known as a leader in temporary construction fencing, did you know that a fair share of our business comes from other sources, including special events, emergency response and temporary animal enclosures?

Petting Zoo Enclosures

Petting zoos and pony rides are great kiddie attractions at neighborhood carnivals, school fairs and community festivals. The way to keep animals and people safe at such events is through temporary enclosures. Not only do fences make good neighbors, but they can help with traffic control, create separate activity zones and shield animals from potential abuse or distraction. Temporary fencing options encourage security, and offer protection whether for short-term or extended use.

Breeders and Shelters

Anyone who works with animals will testify that temporary enclosures are frequently better options than restrictive cages. At animal adoption events, a dog run not only helps keep animals calm by providing exercise space, but the relative freedom also gives prospective adopters a better glimpse into a dog’s personality.

Temporary Paddocks

Larger animals also benefit from strong, protective temporary fencing. We’ll help you find economical solutions for your grazing animals with surface-mounted panel fence or post-driven chain link fence, depending on your needs.

Out of Harm’s Way

Protecting the environment and safeguarding life — both of flora and fauna — is vital when construction work is underway. It’s important not only to protect humans and animals, but also to deter animals from disrupting a landscape project, a street or utility installation or a building site. Whether you want to keep animals in or out, we can design a solution that will meet your needs.

As a leading temporary fencing firms in the Midwest, we offer a wide variety of options, from flexible rolled fencing to 8-foot panels and strong gates. We also have windscreen and erosion control materials. We’ll be happy to discuss your concerns, whether you want to keep the dog out of the garden, or the landscaping crew away from the dog.

2 thoughts on “In or Out, Keep Animals Safe with Temporary Fencing”

  1. Fences have been around forever and will be here for a long time. I do like how there are portable ones which I see on a day to day basis. There is usually some event going on which in turn, requires the use of these fences. Anyways, the best thing about them is that they are temporary. You can move them to wherever you want and set them up however you want.

  2. Love the idea of using a temporary fence for a dog run. My family recently took in some dogs for our neighbors, and even though we’re thinking of putting them up for adoption because we want to share the doggy love, a dog run would just be too much fun for them. Heaven knows we have enough space anyway. Should we ask for chain link fence, or are their other sorts that are specifically made with dogs and animals in mind?

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