Rental panel fence base in dirt

After finding and purchasing the perfect lot to build on, hiring the right architect and engineer to design the new home or commercial property, and securing the right building permits, you’re already months into a project without a single yard of concrete poured or nail set, the last thing you want is another delay in launching your construction project, but there are a few more boxes to tick before you dig.

Safety Fence In Place

Most communities require some level of temporary fence in place before excavation or construction may commence, with the type of fence required varying by township.  Remember, what the town requires may be a minimum, and you have the option to enhance the safety of passersby and neighbors by including add-ons or upgrades to your fence to help with loose brush, blowing debris, and general security.  An unprotected construction site can be an attractive destination for those entertaining mischief and vandalism, but a padlock and 10-foot fence is a great deterrent.

Control Soil and Sediment

Especially true when excavation and heavy machinery is part of the equation, erosion protection measures such as silt fence is often required before you dig.  We install our silt fence 6 inches into the ground to prevent sediment from leaving  your property or dig area, preserving storm drains and nearby streams and rivers.  If your project is on concrete or asphalt, or you are using machinery to remove soil, use erosion control logs to prevent sediment from washing down storm drains.  Being mindful of what is leaving your job site minimizes damage to city infrastructure and helps you be a good neighbor to those around you.

Know What’s Below

Now that we’ve covered what’s above ground, before the first scoop of soil is lifted, call the local utility marking authority to flag and paint where utility and communication lines are running through the property.  If the lines cross where you need to dig, now is a good time to work on a relocation plan with the utility provider in question.  Most towns will combine the permit request with a property marking request, but it doesn’t hurt to check.  If the town doesn’t file the request for you, they will have the phone number handy to make this request yourself.

We’ve installed construction fence in a great many towns throughout Chicagoland, down-state and Western Indiana, and throughout the greater Milwaukee area.  While each locality has it’s own requirements for construction fence, we strive to meet the needs of the builder and property owner with sensible solutions, competitive prices, and unparalleled customer service.  If you need help planning your fence install, give us a call or fill out a Web Quote Request form.

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