Fall Festival Event Fence Rental

Summer is the season to enjoy the outdoors: Individuals and families alike take to the water, travel to see family, visit theme parks and try to pack a lot of activity in before labor day and the beginning of another school year.

But then the leaves start turning, there’s a new crispness in the air, and the seasonal series of fall festivals arrives, much to the delight of the children and those adults who love seeing the world through the children’s eyes. It’s a colorful, flavorful, fanciful time of year. Autumn weekends are perfectly suited for outdoor events: harvest festivals, pumpkin patches, spooky gatherings, fun runs, charity events and neighborhood bazaars.

Planning for the round of fall festivals begins early, both for the organizers and for those who plan to attend. Many of those events benefit from temporary fence rental in order to control crowds, keep everyone safe, define zones and separate spectators from participants. Whether the event is a petting zoo, a harvest celebration, a corn maze and a pumpkin patch at a family farm, an outdoor concert or an art festival in the park, there are myriad reasons for defining the space, erecting temporary barriers, and assuring that security measures are in place.

Not All Fences Are Created Equal

Because different types of fencing serve different needs, you should consult with a professional, experienced temporary barrier company before deciding on your specific event fence rental needs. United Rent-A-Fence is a great resource for all your needs in the upper Midwest. With a service area that includes all of Chicagoland, we can also serve your needs from mid-Illinois and Western Indiana to as far north as the greater Milwaukee area.

We can supply whatever you need: Sturdy steel movable barricades to control crowds or designate parking and pedestrian areas; temporary chain link panels that are perfect for community fairs, evening concerts, and weekend arts and crafts exhibits. We can design a fence your any event that requires quick set-up and easy removal.

We can also supply flexible open-weave orange plastic barriers rolls to designate a field perimeter or sales area at a rural pumpkin patch, or keep young participants “corralled” during high energy field events or games involving playful farm animals.

We have fencing in lengths and heights to suit your needs, and we will help you design the most suitable configuration, saving you money at the same time. United will always deliver, install and remove your chosen options on a timely basis. Count on us to help make your fall festival or holiday event a rousing success!

Feel free to contact us for a quick quote on your next event or project: We’re ready to help “fence you in,” any way you wish.

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