Event Fence and Barricade Security in Chicago, IL

Since our founding, we’ve served numerous community and organizational events, installing temporary fences, barricades, and orange fence, helping organizers host safe and thoughtfully-laid-out event areas.  Over recent years, the concerns about attender safety and security have increased—from guest screenings to increased patrols, to fewer entry/access points.  While these measures all are intended to keep event attendees safe, the measures themselves may be a visual reminder of the risk rather than the intent of safeguarding attendees.

Balancing Safety With Subtlety

Every event planner wants their attendees to have a memorable experience at the event—pleasant and safe, not anxious and confined.  When designing an outdoor or indoor/outdoor event, are you considering additional space in your layout to include additional security measures—8′ fence or barbed wire on an exposed side, for example—to fade into the background?

Obscure Sensitive Areas

By using windscreen on panel fence and post-driven chain link, you can create a more private atmosphere, which also adds a certain level of inherent security.  “Security through obscurity,” as the saying goes.  We’ve covered the dual-purpose of windscreen and chain link fence in previous posts, so we won’t belabor the point here, but suffice to say, a visual barrier can often be that added level of privacy and security your event or VIPs are looking for at your upcoming event.

Partner With Experience

We’ve helped numerous organizations install numerous temporary security fences and gates for family-friendly community events; from 5k’s to pumpkin patches, winter wonderlands to 4th of July blow-outs and everything in between.  As a result of these experiences we’ve learned a great deal about creating a safe and enjoyable space for closed events.  Our various temporary fence and crowd control barricades work on a variety of surfaces—from paved to gravel, to dirt and grass.  Our goal as a preferred rental fence vendor for event planners is to exceed your expectations through timely delivery, installation, and pick-up and excellent customer service throughout.

We work with event planners year-round to plan, bid, and install event fences throughout our entire service area.  Call us to learn how United Rent-A-Fence can help you match your temporary fence security to the same professional level of the event.

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