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If you came to this post looking for secret recipe for building a construction empire, you’ll probably be disappointed.  The main key is hard work and a certain amount of risk.  While there are many factors, both internal and external, which play into your success as a building contractor, there are three elements that are guaranteed to be part of any winning recipe.

Number 1: Take Care Of The Customer

If you’ve been in business any length of time you’ll know that the strongest leads come in through referrals and repeat customers.  If you are prioritizing profit on each job over serving the customer well, your going to have to work harder to earn each project, and a poor reputation may be spread around the Web, drying up the would-be Web leads.

Number 2: Choose Your Subcontractors And Vendors Wisely

A fair number of tradesmen are craftsmen, truly taking pride in the work they accomplish—you might be one of them.  Kudos!  But, profitability requires accurate estimating and a plan for scale and succession.  As a contractor working with independent subcontractors, if you want to grow your business, you’ll have to either a) be sure your existing subs can grow with you, or b) add to your arsenal of subs so you can run 3 or more job sites simultaneously.  Don’t look for rushed jobs, look for efficiencies to make jobs run smoother.

Number 3: Budget For Meaningful Marketing Campaigns

This doesn’t mean throwing thousands each month into an advertising campaign, or renting a billboard on a nearby highway (although it might!), a meaningful marketing campaign for your business might be as simple as offering incentives to your customers for solid referrals.  Simply bringing up the request of referrals often prompts customers to drop your information to family or friends in need of similar services.

Following the above steps won’t guarantee explosive growth, yet it will position you to take on more opportunities and help you be more strategic as a leader in your field.  If you’re one of our customers and have committed to taking on more projects this season, rest assured, we’ve built our rental fence company to scale up as your needs grow.  You can request a new install or quote by calling our office at (630) 543-7990 or requesting a quote online.

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