Protect Your Tools With Construction Fence

Many of us have experienced it: you show up at the job site only to find your job box lock has been cut and thousands of dollars worth of power tools are missing.  The pit in the stomach comes on strong—even if your tools are insured, the time to list out all of tools, file the claim, and replace the tools means time, often time you don’t have the luxury to waste.  Job site theft is an unfortunate part of the industry, so we’ve assembled a collection of tips to help deter all but the most determined thieves from job site theft.

Lock and Log Tools

It stands to reason that a simple deterrent from all but the most ambitious burglar is a high-quality lock.  If your tools are in a portable job box, also chain the box itself to a fixed point on the property to make it more challenging to simply roll out and load the box onto a waiting truck or van.  Since a lock isn’t entirely theft-proof, catalog the equipment you are storing in the job box and around the site.  If available, grab serial numbers as well, as this can assist recovery and also help accelerate insurance claims in the event of a loss.

Lights, Camera, Protection!

An excellent deterrent for would-be theft is simply keeping the job site well-lit and post some cameras to capture what goes on after hours.  Whether it’s property lights or temporary flood lights on poles, minimize the shadows around the property.  With a well-lit job site it’s much easier to capture video, plus you can now install motion-activated flood lights with built-in cameras.  A triggered light alone can be enough to startle trespassers.

Put a Fence Around It

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the obvious: install a construction fence around the property.  We offer a range of products from 6′ to 8′ high post-driven and panel fence, with accessories such as privacy screen and barbed wire.  Give us a call to learn how our temporary fence products can help you mitigate risk of theft on your job sites.

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