Pedestrian barricade rentals in Roselle, IL

Can you think of a spectator-oriented sporting event (outside of your kids’ soccer game) which didn’t include public-restricted areas, bounded by chain link fence?  Take your time; I’ll wait.  No?  Me neither.  For as long as there have been fans, maintaining order and separation between athletes and fans has existed in various forms, with the latest iteration consisting of chain link fence and crowd control barricades.  While some venues have dedicated spaces with permanently-installed fencing, there exists a growing trend of tournaments and sporting events in “pop-up” locations such as fair grounds, stadium parking lots, parks, and other public land.  This is especially true after coming off of a period of more than a year (possibly 2), where most public sporting events have either been restricted or cancelled due to the pandemic.  So, after all of the challenges with weathering substantial event restrictions for health reasons, what should our security and easement requirements look like?

Create Space, Not Confinement

While these measures certainly aren’t adequate to prevent access by the most ambitious fans, the intent is to deter and move foot traffic along a defined, safe path, and provide participants the space and security to prepare for the event: mentally and physically, without the expense or permanency of a wall or field house.  From marathons to tournaments to the highland games—fences are set up to create space and order rather than confine.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

A goal for most event planners is to organize and execute the event in such a way that the venue at which you hold the event will take your call for next year.  Part of this is includes respecting the grounds and the neighbors.  Properly defining your boundaries with post-driven, panel, or orange fence can help ensure your event guests will not damage landscaping or trespass on neighboring property during the course of the event.

This past Summer we had the privilege once again to supply barricades and panel fences to a major volleyball tournament taking place on Lake Michigan’s sandy beach in Chicago.  The event was managed phenomenally well, and we were proud to be part. Our team of temporary fence installers put up panel fence along the event perimeter and worked with event organizers to define courts, warm-up areas, and spectator zones with crowd control barricades, giving sponsors an opportunity to hang banners for advertisement throughout the venue.

If you’re in the throws of planning an event in Chicagoland, Milwaukee or NW Indiana, give us a call to learn how we can assist you in making your event the best—and safest—in town.

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