Construction Chain Link Fence in Naperville, IL

In past articles we’ve discussed loss prevention from theft and vandalism, yet Mother Nature can be brutal to equipment and material left outdoors during construction. From rain damaging drywall and other interior materials to fly-away sheet plywood being ripped from the stack by a gust of wind, to water pooling around the Job-Box and stacked material and fasteners, weather can be a serious foe for contractors to contend with.

Stop Flying Debris

While a chainlink fence won’t do much to halt a tornado, a post-driven fence with windscreen can calm gusts at ground level enough to prevent your neatly-stacked lumber from tumbling or soaring across the job site.  To stop flight, when material is delivered choose a location near the fence to allow the air pocket that flows around the windscreen to envelop your lumber pile rather than leaving it exposed in the middle of the yard.

Reduce Water Accumulation

In the Midwest, we get everything from short cloudbursts to persistent days-long storms, to intense thunderstorms.  Standing water can be both an annoyance as well as wreak havoc on both equipment and building materials.  While exposed areas will still receive rainfall, if you are dealing with any kind of slope, adding sandbags to divert water to a less destructive area reduces the damage potential as well as allows the work area to dry more quickly after a storm.

Keep Critters At Bay

Raccoons, opossums, foxes, and coyotes have a tendency to seek out odd places to build their dens.  There is nothing quite like showing up to the job site in the morning, throwing a tarp off of your tools to be face to face with a grumpy 20-40 pound scavenger.  An installed post-driven fence with a right-sized gate, while not fool-proof, can help reduce the likelihood of unwelcome wildlife claiming your project as it’s vacation destination.

If you’re building in a densely wooded neighborhood, requesting a temporary chainlink fence may provide greater security than simply a theft deterrent system.  Need a quote? Fill out a quote request online or call our office for a custom quote and learn about the various accessories that can bring peace of mind for the duration of your project.

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