Construction Site Power in Chicago, IL

Landing a big development project is always a cause for celebration within any construction firm, but somewhere between the popping champaign corks and starter crank of the excavator the work begins planning and scheduling the project.  One of the greatest challenges on any new development is sourcing and distributing power throughout the job site to key locations such as where office trailers and where the first power tools are needed. Fortunately, there are a handful of options available, depending on the project size, duration, and draw.

Mobile Power / Trailered Generators

If work isn’t happening around the clock, often a few commercial trailer generators can suit the need from a capacity and budgetary standpoint.  Whether they are rented by the day/week/month or an acquired (new or used) asset by your firm, ranging from  a dozen KW to more than 400 KW.  A few smaller units placed strategically can supply ample power to office trailers and run key electric equipment dependably for up to a few days per tank of fuel.  The added benefit is the trailers can be relocated as work moves across the property, localizing power to the at-time need.

Construction Site Temporary Power Service

While trailer or skid-mounted trailers are great for many off-the-grid developments, sometimes running a generator around the clock for 24-hour operations isn’t economical or a viable option from a maintenance standpoint, and for this situation contractors turn to temporary power service offered by utility companies and 3rd-party installers.  These installations require more planning to ensure installed equipment doesn’t interfere with build progress, however delivers the adequate performance to the point of need. This service is ideal for continuous power and higher amperage that may push a trailered generator to it’s limits.

Job Site Equipment Security

As you consider adding specialized equipment, be it temporary power poles, panels, or trailered generators, job site security will be top-of-mind.  Contact us for a quote on temporary panel fence, post-driven fence, and fence security additions such as windscreen and barbed wire to protect your most valuable job site assets.

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