Construction Fence in the Winter in Chicago, IL Area

In the Midwest, especially around the Great Lakes, we’re no strangers to unpredictable weather. Winters oscillate between 50 degrees and minus 30, and running a job site let alone maintaining construction equipment can be a challenge.  Fortunately, some strategies can help reduce the impact of temperature fluctuations on your project. Here are four ways you can manage temperature fluctuations when operating heavy construction equipment:

Make Sure You Have Proper Insulation: Installing proper insulation around expensive and sensitive equipment is essential for protecting them from extreme temperatures. This insulation will help keep your machines at a consistent temperature and reduce the energy necessary to keep everything running smoothly.  This is especially true of equipment with hydraulic or pneumatic lines.

Lubricate Moving Parts Regularly: Keeping moving parts well-lubricated helps prevent additional wear and tear due to fluctuating temperatures. Proper lubrication will help extend your equipment’s lifespan and increase its efficiency when running in hot or cold conditions.

Battery Tenders and Engine Heaters To The Rescue: Equipment with an electric start or large displacement internal combustion engine (gas or diesel) can be impacted greatly by plunging temperatures.  Placing a block heater or a battery tender on it overnight or through the weekend can mean the difference between a normal start of your workday or hours of frustration trying to get molasses oil and low amperage battery moving.

Take Necessary Breaks: Working in extreme temperatures can put extra strain on both people and machines, so taking regular breaks throughout the day gives everyone a chance to rest and recover from the elements before continuing work again. Taking frequent breaks also gives workers time to assess their machinery and check for any irregularities that might have been caused by high or low temperatures that day.

With these four tips, you’ll be able to effectively manage temperature fluctuations with heavy construction equipment, leading to successful project completion.

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