Orange Tree Protection Installation

Sometimes referred to as barrier fence, or orange fence, this simple mesh fence serves many purposes in construction and events, but it’s most commonly used to protect foliage or sensitive infrastructure from work commencing nearby, whether it’s excavation, snow removal, or regular delivery of materials for a construction site.  With the shift in seasons there’s an uptick in use of orange fence, so we thought we’d cover some of the more common questions we receive regarding orange fence/orange tree protection.

Can I Get A Different Color?

The bright orange color sticks out like a sore thumb against nearly any backdrop—and that’s the point.  The fence is used to mark boundaries or sensitive areas, and the mesh design is helpful for keeping small animals and trespassers out.  It’s highly visible in low-light situations as well, which is important with shorter winter days we experience in the Midwest from late November to March.

Why Is The Fence Several Feet From The Vegetation?

While the foliage and trunk may not occupy that much space, the intent of using this mesh as tree protection is also designed to protect against root damage particularly in excavation operations.  If the boundary of the project extends too closely to the tree, removing the tree might be a better alternative than potentially damaging the root system and dealing with a sick or dying tree nestled closely to a brand new structure.

When to Install Orange Fence

It’s often easiest to install orange tree protection at the same time as you’re setting up the silt fence or temporary chain link fence, as the project boundaries will already be defined, but before excavation commences.  Plus, installing all of your temporary fence at once will save you from paying for a separate site visit and installation fee.

How Do I Order Orange Fence?

You can note all of the types of fencing you’ll need when you place your fence rental request online or over the phone, so we can accurately quote your project and plan the appropriate duration of time for your installation.

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