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Renovations can be stressful, especially if you’re a parent with little ones at home. Keeping your children safe during the construction process can help make your property remodel a success.

Communicate With the Contractor

Your contractor will need to know how many children are in the house, roughly how old they are (toddlers, school-age, teenagers), which influences what is deemed a hazard. Once your contractor knows who will be on site and when, he or she can provide instructions to the work crew to help keep your children safe.  For example: a school-age child is likely at an age where “off limits” can be instructed, whereas a toddler requires a more watchful eye.

Ask your contractor about the timeline, if there will be days when children should not be present, and what you can do to ensure that your children are safe throughout the renovation process. The general contractor may instruct you to keep your child or children away from specific areas while construction is taking place. Take notes during your conversation, so you can refer back to them later.

Keep a Watchful Eye

Be aware of your surroundings while the renovation is taking place. A misplaced power tool, a forgotten ladder or an unexpected hole in the ground can be a source of danger for kids. Keep your children away from anything that could lead to accidents and injuries, and point out problems to your contractor as they come up.

Set Up Alternative Areas to Play or Spend Time

Sometimes renovations leave kids without a place to play. Children who feel bored or displaced may wander onto the construction site in search of entertainment. To prevent this from becoming a problem, set up alternative play areas on the property where your children can keep themselves entertained. For example, sectioning off a portion of the yard with a temporary panel fence can ensure that your children will have a place to spend time away from the chaos.

Keep the Site Contained

Interior renovations can get dusty. Dust that contains lead paint chips and asbestos can put your children at risk. Use plastic sheeting to close off the part of the house where the renovation is taking place. Close or cover vents, and clean your house on a daily basis to prevent your children from breathing dust.

If the renovation is taking place outdoors, a temporary panel fence or construction fence from a reputable company can help ensure that your children will not gain access to the construction site. For more information about construction fencing in the Chicago area, contact United Rent-A-Fence at (630) 543-7990.

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