Temporary Construction Fence in Chicago, IL

As the days become longer and ground firms up from the soggy snow melt, many property owners prepare to take the plunge on construction projects they’ve dreamed about during the winter.  Permits may be filed, contractor hired, excavation and demolition scheduled, but is your temporary construction fence up yet?

Often we’re asked, “which fence do I need for a remodel?” and the answer is usually, “it depends.”  The first determining factor is what your city or town ordinance states for minimum construction fence requirements for commercial or residential exterior construction.  After that, consider the duration of the project—will the exterior work be completed in 2-3 months or is the renovation extensive enough to require 6 months or more temporary fencing?  While project duration isn’t the only factor, it certainly will influence the level of permanency required.

Site Conditions Influence Fence Choice

While both temporary fences are versatile, panel fence works well across virtually all surfaces; from rock dirt to sod and gravel, to asphalt and concrete.  Another benefit for panel fence is it can be moved to expand or contract the work area, depending on need.  One use case might be to create a temporary kennel for dogs during a particularly involved excavation, and reconfigure the fence or remove the kennel entirely after the exterior walls are constructed. Another might be to create a safe section of the yard where children can play away from machinery and building material—the possibilities of reconfiguration are nearly limitless.

Security And Temporary Fence Selection

While both fences offer an array of add-on choices to increase job site security, post-driven chain link fence affords some of the particular benefits of permanent fence installation without the permanence.  A more sturdy or longer-term installation may include a top rail to keep the sections rigid, and provide necessary support to install barbed wire on top, and gained privacy with windscreen.

While both chain link panel fence and post-driven fence will get the job done, depending on your application, one style of construction fence may be preferred based on project duration, installation site conditions and security considerations, and of course, city or town regulations.

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