Post Driven Construction Security Fence

Certain communities require temporary fences for construction projects for a variety of reasons, ranging from protecting passersby to discouraging trespassing and misuse of vacated properties outside of business hours.  Somewhere on that list is protecting the property owner and builders’ assets, though the priority is more than likely lower than the aforementioned reasons.  The good news is, in most cases erecting a temporary fence is enough to discourage casual theft and vandalism, but let’s look closer at ways to reduce risk when dealing with more motivated violators.

Commercial Construction Security

The majority of commercial properties have greater visibility from major highways and roads intentionally, this also advertises the increased vulnerability during remodeling projects, encouraging potential thieves to take a closer look.  Depending on your property layout and neighbors, there are a few more pronounced features you can install to deter theft on commercial construction sites.  In recent years, security camera packages including on-site and off-site/cloud-based recording have advanced and dropped in price dramatically, and offer all-weather, around-the-clock coverage of job site activity, including low-light recording.  Depending on municipal ordinances, you may be able to set up motion-sensor lights or keep the job site well-lit.

One fence-related topic we haven’t discussed previously is placement of access points.  Only provide gates where absolutely necessary, and if possible, only where there is regular activity and visibility.  This will help ensure gates are locked at the end of the day and prevents unwanted visitors during the workday.

Residential Construction Security

Generally speaking, residential construction site security is a bit more restrictive, if not by ordinance, out of respect of the neighbors some of the above mentioned tips aren’t advisable, including cameras and 24/7 flood lighting.  This doesn’t mean as a residential contractor you don’t have options for job site security, however.  A Job Box with a hardened steel lock, and chained to a structure if easily moved will help deter tool theft.  When material is delivered, have the stacks away from the gate, and cover the materials at the end of each workday.  Any material that’s easily moved, such as boxes of fasteners, wire, and brackets, place indoors or stack out of sight.  If warranted, add privacy screen to your temporary fence to help obscure placement of desirable items such as tools and material, reducing the likelihood of a theft of convenience.

While no method of job site security is foolproof and do take a certain level of planning or investment, creating a rhythm for securing the job site at the end of each day can help mitigate the risks of theft and vandalism regardless of the community or job site location.  We can provide several fence-related security add-ons to your installation, including privacy screen, barbed wire, and help plan gate placement.

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