temporary panel fence at special event

The city or town in which you’re developing requires temporary fence around all construction projects for pedestrian safety and job site security; have you ever considered this an advertising and marketing opportunity?  This can work in favor of both the developer and the business owner.

Create Buzz

Privacy screen creates mystery, especially on a 10 foot high panel fence.  By obstructing the view of all but the most persistent passers-by, curiosity will keep drawing attention.  Place a sign for the developer and/or the business under construction on the fence to create brand awareness and recognition, leveraging the human curiosity to spark brand recognition and retention.

Need an example of this?  Walk by an Apple Store the night before a new product announcement.  Windows are obscured and often a clever, succinct statement is posted on the front.  You don’t need to be a multi-billion-dollar tech company to do this, simply add privacy screen to your already-mandated chain link fence order and create some signs either announcing what’s going in at that location.

Entertain Your Passers-By

Are you developing a longer stretch of property through a neighborhood with foot traffic?  Hang a few signs along the way with history, facts, or humorous anecdotes related to the neighborhood, current project, company, or client.

Working on a Residential Project?

Even if you’re not developing commercial space, you can use this as an opportunity to promote your company or build methods.  Are you using a new type of material that is better insulated or safer for the environment?  Did your company recently win any awards, recognition or certifications?  You never know if the people walking by your job site are considering residential construction projects themselves or own commercial property needing a rehab.

Construction Fence As Advertising

The small upgrades to your required construction fence rental have the potential of catching a few more glances and possibly a few more contracts.  If you plan to attach a sign to your rental fence, we do ask that you affix the sign with something secure but won’t cause additional damage to the rental fence material.  Nylon zip-ties are an excellent option, as they come in all sizes and are quick and easy to attach.

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