Temporary Steel Barricades in Chicago, IL

You’ve seen it dozens of times, but likely haven’t paid much attention to the versatility of it.  Of course, I’m talking about temporary steel barricades.  A common sight at marathons, crowd control barricades have found homes in a variety of special event situations.  From performer protection to petting zoo perimeters, steel barricades have become the Swiss Army knife of event fencing.  While the comprehensive list is extensive, here’s a few of the more common requests we receive—maybe it will spark your creativity for your next event!

Athlete Protection Barricade

This one’s a no-brainer—the original intent of the barricade.  Lining the street with interlocking steel barricades provides greater athlete and spectator safety without interfering with the spectator’s viewing ability.  An added benefit I’m sure you’ve seen is the event manager’s ability to sell sponsorship opportunities through advertisement banners zip-tied to the barricades.  An excellent opportunity for both the advertiser and event manager to increase revenue.

Concert Crowd Control

Pop-up concert venues such as festivals and fairs do not typically have high stages, so performer safety and stage access to spectators is a concern.  Placing barricades 10 to 15 feet in front of the stage creating a buffer gives performers the space they need to feel comfortable and often is enough space for greater visibility for spectators up front and mid-distance from the stage.  Depending on the style of music and demographics, advertising banners may not be effective, with eager fans likely blocking signage.

Petting Zoo Fence

Depending on the creatures in the petting zoo, steel barricades—particularly ones with flat bases—may be just the ticket for a festival petting zoo.  The low height and vertical bars provide hand-feeding and petting access from outside the fence, though particularly small or accomplished jumpers may not be well-suited for a 44″ high perimeter fence.

Black Friday Sale Fence

Have you ever stood outside in the cold on black Friday, waiting for doors to open to get that special deal on a big-screen TV or mattress?  If not, I’m sure you’ve driven past and seen the lines, sometimes wrapping around the building.  Long, static lines have a way of drifting out into parking lots or mixing up order (and nobody likes a line-jumper).  Setting up temporary crowd control barricades helps protect shoppers from harm—and arguments.

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