Fall Festival Event Fence Rental

The cool, crisp air, leaves changing color, and the sound of school bells signal the start of Fall, yet this year feels much different than 2019, or any year before due to a world-halting pandemic.  Early on it was frustrating, but manageable to stay indoors, minimize gatherings, and wait a brief period while medical teams raced to figure out what we were facing and how contagious the Novel Coronavirus truly is.  Fast forward a few months and we’re all getting the itch to move on with our lives.

We’re Opening Up

It’s been a slow process, but as new guidelines are announced and activities begin to resume, we’re once again experiencing some normal activities. Fall festivals hopefully will be among the activities to be enjoyed this Fall.  From pumpkin farms to apple picking, local farms and event managers are learning to adapt to new social distancing protocols.  Along with the new processes there are some products which might help you plan and execute an excellent Fall festival.

Greater Distance Between Barricades

We’ve talked about the effectiveness of crowd control barricades in the past, what’s changing for this season is the distance between aisles.  When you’re corralling patrons before a ride, consider spacing the barricades farther apart to allow for greater natural distance between guests standing in serpentine lines, as well as applying either marking paint (outdoors, fields), or vinyl stickers (indoors) to indicate distance between groups in line.

Clearly Indicate Closures with Temporary Fence

Many organizations are choosing to limit indoor access at festivals and events to minimize the cost and effort to regularly sanitize.  Consider re-imagining the boundaries of your event space by installing temporary panel fence to cordon off areas where access will be limited.  Alternatively, use panel fence to create a new, outdoor space for activities such as smoking in otherwise non-smoking grounds, or to frame a port-o-potty section with signage attached to the temporary fence.

We are all learning to adapt to the current health conditions and guidelines in our communities, and if you’re able to open up safely, we wish you the very best in both financial recovery for your business and safety and enjoyment for your patrons.  If we can be of any assistance in providing temporary fence, orange fence, or crowd control barricades for your next event, either call or request a quote online.  We look forward to serving you soon!

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