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Fall storms in the Midwest can be severe, mixing everything from wind and rain to lightning strikes, tornadoes, and large hail.  It’s truly awe-inspiring to see how quickly a beautiful, blue sky can turn to a swirling, raging fall storm out here.  While the obvious concern is safety during a storm event, there are significant risks to be aware of post-event.  From blinking street lights causing traffic congestion to complete power outages, to downed trees, power lines, and light poles.  When encountering a road hazard post-storm, pull over and notify your local police department so they may respond accordingly.

Flash Floods From Rainstorms

It’s not uncommon to find storm drains struggling to clear streets post-downpour in the fall, with added debris from trees and dead branches clogging gutters and grates which would otherwise be clear in the spring and summer.  The standing water bears multiple risks, however: hydroplaning for cars and unseen road hazards below the surface.  If a roadway is flooded, either look for an alternate route or proceed with extreme caution.

Fallen Trees & Power Poles

Both trees and power poles carry a lot of mass and at the very least will require specialized equipment to move or remove, but another concern is clearly the risk of charged lines at ground level.  Pair high voltage lines with water or wet and conductive branches and you have a very dangerous situation.

Responding to Utility Emergencies

While some utility emergencies may be resolved within a few hours, there are situations which require days or weeks of work to fully repair.  In such situations, we’re proud to serve our local utility companies with emergency fence rentals in both temporary panel fence and post-driven fences for larger, off-pavement projects and repairs.  As one of the leading temporary fence companies in the Chicagoland area, we provide 24/7 emergency service and fast installation and teardown for emergency and utility services.

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