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If you’ve ever hosted a party of more than 30 people in your home you’re already aware how important guest flow is, especially through the kitchen where presumably food and drinks are being served.  The same rules apply when planning a big community event. Only much, much larger scale.  Ensure people can move comfortably and there’s a clearly-marked flow.

Handling Entrance and Exit

If your event is paid admission, clearly mark the entrance and exit, and have the rest of the perimeter secured with rental fence such as panel fence or post-driven chain link fence.  For the entrance, use crowd control barricades to designate lanes to the ticket booth, and terminate the lanes in a direction other than directly into a parking area or traffic.  Should there be a delay at ticketing, lines will extend into a safe area.

Where To Put Concessions

Placement of concessions can depend greatly upon your venue, but it’s advisable to have gated access directly from a service road or parking lot directly to the concession area; many of your food vendors will need to restock their booths multiple times throughout the day, so providing quick in-out privileges with a staff/back entrance will help them stay stocked and reduce the amount of vendor traffic through the main event area.

Don’t let the concessions be the first attraction your guests see when they walk through the gate (unless it’s a food festival!).  With the expected volume of foot traffic around the concessions to swell around meal times, plan your entry/exit from this area well.  Either plan two entry points, or one wide entrance/exit, if your concessions area is located in a corner of the venue.

Final Thoughts

You may find that planning your event requires a number of fence and barricade products.  At United Rent-A-Fence, we offer a wide range of products ranging from plastic silt fence on up to 8′ panel or post-drive chain link fence.  Additionally, we have accessories to assist with privacy and security, such as barbed wire and windscreen, which can be useful to restrict access or obscure view for areas such as back stage for performers and medical tent/triage.  Need a quote? Fill out a form online or give us a call!

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