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A lot of factors will influence your decision when you need a temporary animal enclosure, but we know that your ultimate concerns are for safety and well-being, not only for the animals but also for humans on either side of the fence. As the premier supplier of fencing for all kinds of short-term needs, we know there are good ways and better ways to set up petting zoos, animal adoption sites, temporary dog runs or street fair enclosures for events like pony rides and “greased pig” competitions.

We’re happy to help with all of those needs, and many more.

Things to Consider

  • Adequate Size and Optimum Configuration
  • Location on the Property
  • Safety Requirements

Each category, of course, has variables.

Think about the Basics

Enclosure size, and the length, height, strength and anchoring necessary for a temporary dog run depends, of course, on whether you are “coralling” Chihuahuas or collies, standard poodles or miniature Pomeranians. Humane animal treatment requires that you consider the need for shade, shelter, and feeding space as well as the animal’s need for exercising and socializing areas.

Pop-up petting zoos can showcase baby elephants, miniature horses, camels, llamas or alpacas; or they can introduce kids to piglets, goats, lambs, calves and chickens — all have specific and very different requirements. Not only will we help you plan your fencing perimeter and configuration, but we can help you analyze panel size and sturdiness requirements.

Other Things to Think About

You must take into account local regulations, gate size, the number and location of openings, internal partitions, locking requirements, anchoring or sandbagging of fence panels, overnight security, traffic control, feed delivery, water supply and waste disposal. Your enclosure needs might be simple and straightforward or multiple and complicated.

At adoption events, depending on the type of animals offered, you might want a designated area with cages for cats and rabbits in addition to larger individual cubicles for dogs. We will suggest solutions, and we are available to service your event whether it lasts an afternoon or a week. We will also help you balance the needs of the animal(s) against your requirements for monitoring and controlling crowds.

Temporary Livestock Fencing

In rural areas, we also respond to client needs for temporary livestock fencing or paddock enclosures, and we are well-equipped to help out at 4-H Fairs, FFA events and community agricultural exhibitions. Because there are two sides to every fence, our temporary panels work equally well to keep the animals in and the people out, if that is the desired intention.

We’ll work with you to keep costs low and to maximize the benefits of creating space for your grazing animals, show stock or farm pets, whether you need enclosures on a short or long-term basis. Call us for help with show rings and crowd control barricades as well.

We’re United — and we’re committed to the better ways in fencing.


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  1. Knowing what size you need will help you in choosing the right fence. That way, you won’t get something that is too small or too large. Getting something that is too small will mean you might just have to get another rental. That will just end up costing you more money!

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