Prevent Job Site Break-ins

The days are getting shorter; the sun doesn’t appear until at least 7AM and disappears before the workday is done, and the additional hours of darkness makes it easier for an opportunistic thief to make off with tools or materials, or possibly vandalize your construction site.  Worse yet, your project is in a “dark sky” neighborhood, meaning streetlights are nearly non-existent. Now you find yourself having trouble sleeping concerned the materials and tools kept on site are at risk.

Keep It Out of Sight

The simplest method to protect your assets during a construction job is to move valuables and raw materials out of sight before you leave for the day.  This might be a garage, shed, or even the back side of the property—anywhere they aren’t visible.  Most often job site theft is a crime of convenience rather than a planned heist.

Construction Fence With Windscreen

Many townships require construction fences around exterior renovations for pedestrian safety, but as an extra security measure, consider adding windscreen to your rental fence order as a means of obscuring view of job assets. While black or dark green are the most common colors, windscreen can be ordered in a variety of colors and can help brand your job site to your construction company.  Add in a sign promoting your construction company and you now aren’t just mitigating vandalism and theft, but also advertising.

Job Site Security Cameras

We’ve discussed security cameras before, and the technology continues to improve, not only in video quality, but also installation opportunities.  If you’re on a job site without utility hook-up, you can now affordably purchase security cameras that are solar powered with on-board batteries for night capture.

Final Thoughts

Winter months are a challenging season to work in the construction industry in the Midwest.  Unbearably cold temperatures and short days make it a trade not for the faint of heart.  Property loss during a harder building season can be disheartening, so we hope these tips help you maintain a safe and profitable business through the cold months.

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