chain link fence for construction site

It’s a new year and I’m sure you’re fresh with ideas.  From family or personal goals to career objectives, to some changes to your lifestyle and environment to create your own personal oasis.  If one of your fresh ideas is a major home renovation, we’ve got you covered with some helpful tips with getting started with your builder.

Start With Your Vision

While an experience home builder can be an excellent guide and a wealth of knowledge, when the project concludes, the contractor leaves and you are living with the addition.  Even the most skilled contractor cannot cast your vision for you.  Bring your ideas to the table and work with the residential contractor and architect to refine your vision into something that works for your property and budget.  You want to fall in love with the project when it’s complete, so take the lead and listen to their experience.

Understand the Costs

Depending on material/labor volatility, estimating a cost per square foot may not be easy at the outset, but your contractor will likely be able to provide a range, and as the vision comes together into plans, a formal estimate should help solidify the costs more.  Remember to leave room in your budget for unforeseen challenges or the inevitable scope creep.  Most homeowners will see their dream addition or remodel coming to fruition and suddenly spontaneous creativity occurs and there’s now a patio or bay window added to the plan.  Be mindful of the costs throughout the project, and work with your contractor to mitigate scope creep.

Mitigate Loss in Time and Material

When tasks don’t go according to plan, they often involve either an incident or a discovery.  The last is difficult to avoid, but a thorough inspection by the contractor during the bidding process will reduce the likelihood of a costly issue such as major plumbing or foundation repairs being added to the ticket.  An incident during the project unfortunately sometimes involves theft or vandalism, which may be partially by insurance (homeowners or builders), but some additional costs may fall on the contractor or homeowner if the necessary precautions were not taken.  We recommend installing a construction fence to act as a security fence, and even obscuring tools and material from view through the installation of windscreen on the chain link construction fence.  If you’re considering commissioning a construction project or are a contractor bidding a contract, the low cost of a temporary construction fence rental can help reduce the risk of theft or damage.  Give us a call for a free quote on your next project.

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