Fall Marathon Fences in Chicago, IL

Marathons aren’t a new phenomenon, as we all know. But the popularity of charity runs, 5k, 10k, mini-marathons, and the full 26.2 mile race that is the modern Olympic standard would almost certainly surprise the ancient Greeks!

As we look forward to another Fall Marathon season in Chicagoland, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and the anticipation. Particularly with pleasant fall weather and the desire to be outdoors as much as possible before winter arrives, there are bound to be many local events to capture our attention, whether we participate as runners, support a cause financially, help plan an event, or simply watch from the sidelines.

Planning for large events is intense—often beginning many months in advance. But the same steps are necessary, even for neighborhood “fun runs.” Safety and security are prime concerns, of course, with crowd control, registration, staging areas, rest and water stops, and finish line viewing all important considerations.

Preparing for Race Day

Setting up a course, even if a run takes place in a secluded area or on private property, involves the necessity of placing effective barricades to separate runners from onlookers, and to keep non-race traffic away from the route.

Because we are in the business of supplying temporary barricades for a wide variety of events, we are able to assist in planning the most efficient and cost-effective ways to define the route, and to offer advice about safety precautions, crowds, emergency access and aid stations along the way.

Determining Specifics

As your race committee gets down to the “nitty-gritty” of planning an event, you will no doubt collect ideas and suggestions from local municipalities and law enforcement officials. If you need general information about the specific kinds of lightweight movable barriers or sturdy steel barricades that are available, feel free to contact us for information early in the planning process.

Handling the Details

Once you have routes, dates and times finalized, we are available to prepare a quote for the delivery, set-up and removal of any temporary fencing enclosures and short-term barricades that are needed. Whether your fun run, mini-marathon or charity walk will last a couple of hours, or the course will remain intact for an entire day or even over the weekend, we will work with you to assure the stability of the fencing so that it meets full safety and security needs.

Reaping the Rewards

As fall approaches with its round of great outdoor events, United Rent-A-Fence is proud of our ability to offer cost-effective solutions for temporary barricades. We offer a wide variety of sizes, types and special-needs fencing solutions, all backed by a commitment to unparalleled service. We will help you assure that your upcoming run will be safe, secure and spectacular.

All that’s left is to recognize the event winners!

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