Crowd Control Barricades, Chicago, IL

It’s human nature to want to get close to the action. Set up a barrier, and spectators will push in as close as they can get to see what’s happening.  Whether you’re planning a small town parade or a major marathon, the necessity for installing temporary barricades to separate participants from spectators cannot be disputed.

Strong Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers have to be strong and effective in order to protect both the public and the participants in any special event. Bicycle races and fun run/walk events are current favorites for the fund-raising efforts of local charitable organizations. They offer an opportunity for people to experience the excitement of competition and gain a feel-good vibe whether they take part or just spectate. These events are usually combined with other family fun events to engage and entertain a local community. But whether it’s a cross-country bicycle race that winds its way through town, a grueling marathon route or a junior 5K run on a Saturday morning, the public wants to find the perfect vantage point in order to cheer favorites, see the action and welcome the winners. The task of keeping both spectators and participants safe depends on the way race barricades are designed and set up.

Proper Crowd Barricade Set Up

The logistics of planning a charity bike event or a fun run/walk can be difficult and time consuming. Safety concerns for both participants and spectators take precedence. As the premier fence rental company in the greater Chicago area, we have the equipment and the experience to ensure that your event is properly protected all along the route. Our race barrier options allow you to design crowd control measures that meet your needs for safety, “up close and personal interaction” and close-to-the-action excitement.

If you have an upcoming event, be sure to call us as you explore your options for temporary panel fence and crowd control barricades. We can help you direct traffic to the registration area, keep non-participants away from the staging area, control the crowds at the finish line, and keep order at the after-race party and awards presentation.

We know that an effective race barricade is a basic necessity, but we go beyond the basics to assist with functional and effective design before the event, timely delivery and set-up, and prompt removal when the event ends. We will work to meet or exceed your needs; and we can handle those needs, whether you expect a viewing audience that numbers 500 or 100,000. Call us when you first begin planning your event and we will partner with you to ensure both its success and your peace of mind.

Our 7-foot temporary steel barricades, sometimes used as temporary bike racks as well, are sturdy and durable. They will not only protect you, but they will protect both your race competitors and your viewing public. That’s the reason we’re in business, and we’re ready to do business with you.


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