Windscreen Fence Chicago

We all know that putting up a temporary construction fence is a requirement for many communities, but have you ever stopped to think about the added benefits of that temporary fence?  Of course, the primary concerns are security and pedestrian safety, but let’s explore three extra benefits of that panel or post-driven fence.

Setting Boundaries

We’ve all seen (and are occasionally guilty of) it; stacks of material and piles of debris move farther and farther from the project, and while not intentional, sometimes spill onto neighboring lots or into planters and foliage.  Let’s remember the old adage, “good fences make good neighbors” on this one.  Setting up a boundary with your post-driven or panel fence helps maintain order and contain construction happenings to the property permitted for the work, keeping relations with neighbors as positive as possible.

Free Signage Opportunity

While certainly true in commercial construction applications, many times residential builders also like to advertise their business and showcase renderings of what is to come on the lot under development.  Whether it’s a banner, plastic, wood or metal sign, a temporary chain link fence is a quick way to put up a sign with a little baling wire.  Just remember to take down your sign before the fence rental is picked up or it may be thrown out.

Privacy Before A Big Reveal

We offer post-driven and panel fence in 6 and 8′ heights, pair that with privacy screen and you have an excellent means of obscuring street-level viewing of the build.  Whether or not it’s required in your community, privacy screen is an excellent way to keep your project under wraps until you’re ready to show it off.

Often temporary fences are thought of simply another requirement or checkbox to mark, but it’s important to recognize the potential of additional advertising and neighborhood relations and you can begin to think of temporary fence as an asset to your business; one that’s rolled into the cost of the project.  Looking for more ways to maximize the value of your temporary fence rental?  Contact our team of trained fence rental experts to learn how other customers are leveraging their rentals for increased brand image and exposure, and don’t forget to schedule your next fence rental online or by phone: (630) 543-7990.

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