Crowd Control Barricade Rental in Schaumburg, IL

Organizing a community event can be difficult, and safety should always be a top priority. From ensuring security to ensuring proper sanitation protocols are in place, there is a lot that needs to go into planning for the safety of attendees. Here are some critical tips for safety planning for your next community event.

Hire Adequate Security

No matter what type of event you’re hosting, it’s vital to ensure adequate security measures are in place. Consider hiring professional security personnel to keep an eye on the premises and ensure no unwanted guests or activities occur. If your budget does not allow for this, consider enlisting volunteers who can help monitor the area throughout the event.

Develop Sanitation Protocols

Strict sanitation protocols will help reduce the spread of germs and illnesses during your event. Make sure restrooms have plenty of soap and hand sanitizer available and regularly scheduled cleanings throughout the day. Additionally, encourage visitors to wash their hands thoroughly with warm water and soap before entering food areas or preparing snacks onsite!

Have Emergency Plans & Procedures Ready

You must develop emergency plans so everyone knows what to do if an emergency arises—from fire drills to medical emergencies. Having these plans clearly will put minds at ease during the event. Additionally, ensure all staff members are trained to use any equipment, such as fire extinguishers or first-aid kits, that may be necessary!

Implement Social Distancing Measures

Finally, social distancing measures are encouraged wherever possible; this includes having plenty of signage reminding people to maintain 6 feet from one another and limiting capacity if necessary (consider implementing timed reservations). While not a requirement in most municipalities any longer, it is a signal to your more cautious guests that you are concerned for their well-being while enjoying your event.

Clearly Outlining Event Boundaries

Creating a smooth transition from passers-by to event participation can be achieved by installing a pedestrian barricade or an event fence, commonly called a temporary panel fence, or by adding an orange fence around unmanned potential entry points. Creating specific entry points with gates can help not only with ticketed events but also creates spaces where signage can be placed to communicate ground rules for participants or promote services and vendors offered within.
We hope you find these event safety tips helpful as you plan for your next gathering, and we would love to assist you with your temporary fence rental for your upcoming event!

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