Winter Construction Fence Rental

While we’ve had a mild start to winter in Chicagoland, we’ll take the warmer weather while we’ve got it, but prepare for what we’ve come to know as builders in the Midwest.

Winter can be a tough season for construction workers. The colder temperatures and snow can make maintaining a safe working environment challenging, so workers and supervisors need to take extra precautions when tackling winter jobs. Here are some essential safety tips for winter construction.

Wear the Right Gear

All crew members must wear proper winter gear to stay warm on the job site. This includes boots with tread, gloves, hats, long underwear, and multiple layers of clothing to protect against cold temperatures. Also, when operating heavy machinery and hard hats are worn, consider putting a thin insulated cap underneath the hard hat in order to keep your head and ears from exposure.
Monitor Weather Patterns Closely

Weather conditions can change quickly in the winter, and sudden snow storms can lead to hazardous road conditions or power outages. Supervisors must keep an eye on the forecast and avoid caution when planning work schedules and prepare workers with any supplies they may need if the weather turns sour unexpectedly.

Provide Adequate Training & Supervision

The risks associated with winter weather in Chicagoland can vary greatly, and depending on what type of construction project is underway, supervisors must provide adequate training and protective gear where necessary to ensure the safety of all crew members under their care.

Ensure All Equipment is Working Properly

Finally, all equipment & machinery must be checked before use to ensure everything is working correctly, especially electric-powered tools, which may be prone to malfunctioning or sparking due to wet surfaces or other environmental factors. Furthermore, providing updated safety checklists and procedures before starting any primary job will help minimize potential accidents caused by human error.

Following these essential steps will go a long way toward keeping employees and customers safe during construction projects during unpredictable winter conditions.

Restrict Access To Dangerous Areas

Protecting passers-by should be at the top of the list for maintaining a safe job site. Most communities require perimeter construction fences around exterior work, and certain towns will also require windscreen over the fence, further obscuring dangerous areas. We offer complete installation and removal of rental construction fence and windscreen, with quotes available online. Please visit our “Request a Quote” page to receive your own personalized quote for your project today.

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