Silt Fence Installation in Chicago, IL

After a brutal winter in the Midwest, we’re finally getting some beautiful weather; ranging as high as the 60’s.  In March.  We can now drive with the windows down, work outside in little more than a sweatshirt, and no longer battle frostbite while removing gloves for greater dexterity.  All’s well again—sort of.

The absence of snow makes setting up construction fences and excavation easier, along with exterior construction including roofing, siding, gutters, masonry, concrete, et cetera.  But this early in the season we do have one additional threat to be mindful of: erosion.

Erosion Causes on Construction Sites

Throughout the winter months the moisture in the top layers of the soil freeze and expand, and as they melt, the moisture returns to its normal size or soak deeper into the soil.  As the snow melts the water soaks into the air pockets left by the expanding ice and further loosens the soil.  The added spring and summer rains will further destabilize the soil, making excavation easier, but also cause a great amount sediment to wash away.

How to Prevent Erosion

One of the most important steps to take to prevent erosion during construction—excavation in particular—is by installing silt fence around the perimeter of the job site.  This simple barrier, buried 3-6″ underground will help prevent sediment from leaving the property and causing damage to nearby properties or storm drains.

Installing Silt Fence

While some building supply stores will sell rolls of silt fence for self-install, lack of proper installation equipment such as a trencher can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the fence on erosion.  Contact us online or over the phone to request a quote on silt fence installation on your current or upcoming project.

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