Spring Construction Projects in Chicago, IL

As Chicagoans, we often joke that there are two seasons: Winter and construction season.  As comical as that may sound, that’s often how it appears to the outsider.  After one of the snowiest winters in recent history, and with sub-zero temperatures through half of February, the permafrost sets in making digging challenging, and cold paired with moisture complicates curing concrete and adhesives such as those used in roofing and adhesive bonding steel for an exterior addition.  That leaves those of us with tractors and outdoor activity fairly dormant in the winter, and a mad-dash spring-through-fall for exterior projects such as home additions, patio installations, roofing and siding, and certainly new construction homes.

Outdoor Living Spaces

When it’s nice out, we come out in droves.  We want that vitamin D, enjoy the fresh air, and ditch that cabin fever.  With late summer and fall typically seeing the best weather, we recommend getting a jump on that outdoor living space as soon as the snow melts.  Breaking ground as soon as possible will help you stay ahead of the congestion as subcontractors’ calendars fill up.

Create A Sport Court

Every winter you look at the frozen landscape in your backyard and wish you had a level spot to set up an ice rink.  Best not ruin your grass year after year, and find year-round outdoor entertainment by installing a multi-sport court in your yard.  In the warmer months you can play volleyball, basketball, tennis, and more, and come winter, install a temporary liner and you have a nice, level surface for a home ice skating rink!

Add On To Your Home

While additions can be started at any point in the warmer months, launching your home addition in the spring will allow you to take advantage of fully-stocked material yards, where supplies may dwindle in the fall, causing delays. If you’re planning a larger project such as an addition, work with your contractor during the winter to get the schedule lined up for an early-spring project kick-off.

Ready to get your spring project booked? We can take your construction fence rental request online or over the phone, and have it scheduled when you need it!

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