New Construction Chain Link Fence

Temporary fencing can be used to provide semi-permanent barriers, delineate a work zone, direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic, or manage crowds at a public event. Although there are many types of temporary fences available, one of the most common applications is the post-driven chain link barrier.

Commonly available in either six or eight-foot heights, post-driven fencing must be professionally installed and is designed to provide security and privacy for long-term applications such as major construction sites, animal enclosures or ongoing event venues. The perimeter posts are designed to assure a sturdy and durable barricade that cannot be easily breached or affected by erosion and inclement weather. Posts are typically driven two feet into the ground, and the chain link sections are security attached to the upright posts.

Depending on specific needs, we can design the temporary enclosures with gates or add optional top rails or barbed wire, tension wire or windscreen. As one of the leading suppliers and installers of temporary fencing and barricades in the greater Chicago area, we have a wealth of experience meeting weather and crowd-control needs, and our expertise in construction site security installations accounts for our enviable market position.

Delivering Chain Link Fence Throughout the Tri-State Region

We understand that individual needs can vary from a few days to many months or even years. No matter what your specific needs, we feel confident that we can provide you the required solutions at a competitive price. Our reputation in the local market, as well as in Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa, has been built on product excellence and unparalleled service. We are available to help you with your needs on a 24-7 basis, and we serve commercial, industrial and residential construction customers as well as providing emergency service support for disaster, utility and security response.

With 12 trucks and mobile crews available to serve you, we also maintain a full stock of temporary fence options, including wind and snow screens and sandbags, so that we we can respond quickly to any request. A post-driven chain link fence is just one of the applications you might find attractive and cost-effective for your project. In other circumstances, we can set up temporary barriers to provide screening and security for specific operations, and break the installation down and remove it on a timely basis. We work with private firms, corporate and municipal users, and community groups in need of temporary enclosures for conventions, concerts and sporting events. We are experts at crowd control.

If it’s time to start planning for the seasonal fence rental Milwaukee WI businesses and organizations will need this spring, why not contact us for a free quote now. Hopefully, winter will be gone before we know it!

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  1. We are doing some major yard renovations, and I think it would be helpful to have a temporary fence up to keep people out of the work zone. Are there different gate sized that can be used? It would be nice to have one big enough for trucks, and one for foot traffic. Thanks for the information!

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