Chain Link Fence Installation Elmhurst, IL

Seems like a simple question, however one we rarely ask.  In many instances, the answer is simple: because code requires it.  While that’s a valid reason, there are many other benefits to choosing to install a temporary construction fence around your job site.  Here are our top five reasons:

Insurance Benefits

Whether you’re operating heavy machinery or simply have dangerous tools and scrap material on the job site, the area becomes a hazard to passersby and animals. As such, some insurers either require fencing while others may offer rate discounts if you install a fence around your job sites, as it reduces the risk of injury by non-employees.

Increased Security

Even if your job site is in a safer part of town, construction sites are often the target of vandalism and theft.  With a constantly-evolving project equipment and material is frequently left outdoors with minimal security for all but the most costly assets.  Most thefts occur as a result of convenience, so it’s no surprise that even a 6′ chain link fence can be enough to dissuade would-be vandals and thieves.

Privacy & Promotion

More common with commercial construction projects, hiding the build from prying eyes further deters trespassing, but also can be an excellent marketing reveal for the new business.  Using privacy screen on chain link fence during the build-out builds suspense and curiosity, and can be a great place to post signs banners.

Being A Good Neighbor

Have you ever seen a job site where equipment and material drifts farther and farther out from the structure as the project progresses?  Starting with a construction fence will help create hard boundaries which protects neighboring property and solidifies sometimes strained neighbor relationships during construction projects.

It’s The Law

Just like having utilities marked before digging, many counties and townships require construction fence for any exterior construction work, both commercial and residential.  Ask about temporary fence regulations when you file for permits in the township hall, then give us a call or fill out a request for fence quote online to schedule your installation!

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